Saturday, March 7, 2009

MENC Signature Collection and Penny Collection - Sonya Hoadley Mrs. Treasure Valley 2009

Sonya Hoadley Mrs. Treasure Valley is a 2nd Grade Teacher for the Caldwell School District. and is helping MENC get the word out about Music Education in Schools. The Mrs. America Pageant is also a huge supporter and partner of MENC. Here are ways you can help in your school.

The 3 ways to change music education in our schools. 1) Collect 1 million signatures by June to deliver to the Secretary of Education to keep music in public education. 2) Collect spare change because, "It makes cents to support music education." Sonya is trying to raise $1000 to support music education outreach and awareness. 3) Music Education Week rally in Washington, DC June 17-23. For more information please visit their site at: