Saturday, February 28, 2009

2009 Pageant Workshop - February 28th, 2009

Dixie Mrs. Kuna and Jackie Mrs. Idaho

Mandi Mrs. Idaho 2003, Elizabeth Mrs. Idaho 2006, Jackie Mrs. Idaho 2008 and Juliet Mrs. Idaho 2005

Today was the 2009 Pageant Workshop at Oxford Suites in Boise, Idaho. The workshop was a huge success, the ladies learned the walking patterns, had a chance to mock interview, learn about wardrobe, accessories, costume competition, and this years official Mrs. Idaho America charity the Idaho Special Olympics. All funds raised with the peoples choice vote pageant night will be donated to the Idaho Special Olympics. This year the Idaho Special Olympics has seen a 24% increase in participation and needs the donation of time and financial resources. The response from the 2009 delegates is awesome they are excited to volunteer their time.
More Pictures to Come, I forgot my camera so I will be posting as I receive more pictures ..............
Posted By Mandi Feely Mrs. Idaho State Director

Monday, February 23, 2009

Turbo Kick Boxing Class

On 2/14/09 Mrs. Southern Idaho Angie Williams hosted a Turbo Kick Boxing class that Mrs. Boise Megan Bryant and Mrs. Tri-Counties Sondra LaVoie attended.

Sondra sent the picture to me and said that the class was a blast with all the dance music and it was a great work out. Angie is a great teacher and is in great shape.

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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Volunteering at the Boise Rescue Mission

Stacie Zenovich Mrs. Capital City, Deborah Viehweg Mrs. Eagle and Megan Bryant Mrs. Boise volunteering at the Boise Rescue Mission on February 24th.

Sondra Mrs. Tri Counties, Megan Mrs. Boise, Deborah Mrs. Eagle, and Stacie Mrs. Capital City

Erika Wonacott Mrs. Meridian and Sondra LaVoie Mrs. Tri-Counties

February 21st, Sondra LaVoie Mrs. Tri Counties and Erika Wonacott Mrs. Meridian both volunteered at the Boise Rescue Mission serving food. They had a great time together and helping in the community.

Posted by Mandi Feely Mrs. Idaho State Director

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Mrs. Treasure Valley Sonya Hoadley attends Special Olypics Festivities

Mrs. Treasure Valley Sonya Hoadley attended the Special Olympic Winter Games Festivities. Here is what Sonya had to say: My sister, mother, nephew, and I were so blessed by our visit to the Special Olympics playground! We mingled with athletes and fans and even recorded a video to show our support of all of the amazing athletes. The Special Olympics were founded in 1968 by J.F.K.'s sister and were modeled after the World Olympics. These games are just one more example of how setting a goal and working hard for it can stretch you beyond your wildest dreams. The Special Olympics now serve more than 1 million athletes in over 140 countries! Learn more at their official website: Thanks to everyone who has shown their love and support of this great event. Yet another reason I am SO PROUD to call the amazing state of IDAHO my home!
Posted by Mandi Feely Idaho State Director

Monday, February 9, 2009

Mrs. Southern Idaho Angie Williams attend the McCall Winter Carnival and sent me these pictures. Here is what Angie had to say about the pictures, the 1st picture is a full shot of one of the sculptures at the McCall Winter Carnival. My family & I went there this weekend and had a wonderful time! After I posed for this picture, my son & and I started walking away, when I heard "Hey, Mrs. Southern Idaho!" These two wonderful ladies asked me to take a picture. Read on to see...The 2nd pic, I am standing with Karen, who I had the pleasure of meeting! Karen is a Special Olympian Snowshoer from Denver. She was very excited that her team beat their best recorded time (placed previously in Denver). She was a true joy to meet! We had a great time chatting. She really brightened my day!!!
Posted by Mandi Feely State Director

Mrs. Rexburg at Shop with a Cop in December

Mrs. Rexburg Ellon Chase was able to help at Christmas time with the Shop with a Cop benefit.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Tina Mitchell Mrs. Western Idaho at a Boise State Gymnastics Match

Tina Mitchell Mrs. Western Idaho 2009 with some cute gymnastics girls and Heather Hicks one of the members of the Boise State Gymnastics Team. Tina attended the Boise Gymnastics meet January 31, 2009

Sonya Hoadley Mrs. Treasure Valley - Impacting Treasure Valley Kids

Mrs. Treasure Valley Sonya Hoadley has been having a blast working with a group of Caldwell kids on goal-setting. Some of them aspire to be mothers and fathers, teachers, doctors, and one boy is SURE he is going to be President! She has been working with them to start discovering what a goal is and how to pick an appropriate goal. The kids then chose their own goals and made a collage to represent what they are working towards. We can't wait to see them reach for the stars!

Mrs. Treasure Valley Sonya Hoadley and her husband Joey are mentors for CFES (College for Every Student) again this year. We met with our mentees to work on goal-setting and encourage them in their college-bound planning. Hope all is well and look forward to seeing you soon!

Mrs. Southern Idaho Angie Williams at St. Lukes and Local School Appearance

Mrs. Southern Idaho Angie Williams has been making hair bows & bands for girls undergoing chemo. On January 27, she donated hair bows & headbands to Jessica with Child Life at St. Luke's in Boise.

Angie Williams Mrs. Southern Idaho volunteers almost every Friday at Victory Charter School where her children attend school. Last week she read "Green Eggs and Ham" for "G Week" to the Kindergarten class. Angie's oldest daughter Alexandra, is in the class.

Pictured is Suzi Boyle, Linda Adamson, Angie Williams Mrs. Southern Idaho and Vicki Thomas

In August Angie attended the 2nd Annual Eagle Food & Wine Festival. It was held at SpurWing Country Club. There was a live & silent auction benefitting Special Olympics Winter Games. It was fun! Pictured here is Angie Williams Mrs. Southern Idaho 2009, Michael Hummel & Steve Williams (Angie's husband).