Saturday, November 28, 2009

Boise Holiday Parade

Tammy Mrs. Middleton, Alyson (Mandi's daughter), Sondra Mrs. Boise

Mrs. Idaho America Jamie Hilton and 2010 Mrs. Idaho Delegates

Mrs. Idaho Float with Mrs. Idaho America Jamie Hilton, Tammy Mrs. Middleton, Juliet Mrs. Emmett, Sondra Mrs. Boise and Rachel Mrs. Nampa

Brandi Mrs. Idaho Intl and Mrs. Idaho America Jamie Hilton

Today was the Boise Holiday Parade. We could not have asked for nicer weather. Last night 32,000 plus BSU Football fans got rained on and I hoped our beautiful queens would have better weather and Mother Nature provided with a glorious sunny morning. We all had a lot of fun and Larry Gebert from KTVB News Channel 7 was on hand to interview Jamie Mrs. Idaho America 2009 and Juliet Mrs. Emmett 2010.

Jamie Hilton Mrs. Idaho America 2009 and our beautiful 2010 Mrs. Idaho Delegates rode on a float designed especially for them. Special thanks to my Dad Mike, my Mom Sher, and my Sister Susan, the four of us designed, built, painted and decorated the float. Each delegated decorated her own box to add her own special touch to the float. It was a group effort that shined this morning in Boise.

Watch for the Mrs. Idaho America Ladies as they will be taking part in the Meridian Holiday Parade next week.

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Eastern Idaho Holiday Parade

Natasha Mrs. Eastern Idaho with her kids

Heidi Mrs. Idaho Falls and Natasha Mrs. Eastern Idaho

Natasha and Heidi's sleigh for the parade, so cute!
Mr. and Mrs. Eastern Idaho
Natasha and her husband decorating before the parade.

Mr. and Mrs. Idaho Falls

Heidi Mrs. Idaho Falls and her daughter Megan

Heidi and Natasha emailed me these fun pictures from the Eastern Idaho Holiday Parade.

Here is what Heidi had to say, Hi Mandi, Here are some pictures from The Eastern Idaho Holiday Light Parade In old town Pocatello. Mrs. Eastern Idaho Natasha and I rode in the parade. Both my family and Natasha's family were at the parade with us. We all had a BLAST!!!!

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Boise Festival of Trees

I just received these photos and email from Jamie about her great experience with the Boise Festival of Trees:

Had a great night at "The Festival of Trees". I had the chance to meet so many fun children, and families. This little girl in particular was so funny. She loved my crown, so I offered to let her try it on. After admiring herself she said, "Can I have your Sash too?" She is a natural beauty.
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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Veteran's Day Parade - Boise, Idaho

Hi Mandi, Here are some pictures from the Veteran's Day Parade. I had a blast!! The best parade yet! It was such an inspiring experience. Patriotism exuded up and down the streets of Boise. I was really touched, and filled with appreciation for Veteran's as well as our Active Military. I am proud to be an AMERICAN! :) I really want to mention a special thanks to Ray Thorn who droveme in his amazing corvette. Jamie
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Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween with Mrs. Idaho 2009

If you ever wondered if Mrs. Idaho is just a regular gal..... Check Jamie out spending the Halloween Holiday with her sweet children and wonderful husband Nick. Enjoying yummy treats and fun costumes. As Juliet Mrs. Idaho 2005 says the year flys by so you may have to clear your floors in your crown and banner in between being a Mom and Wife.
Remember Life Goes Fast Enjoy the Ride! Thank you to the Hilton's for sharing their family moments with us.
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