Sunday, August 23, 2009

Supporting Our Dear Friend Jackie Walker Mrs. Idaho 2008

Several ladies that are members of the Mrs. Idaho family came together in support of our dear friend Jackie Walker Mrs. Idaho America 2008 who recently lost her wonderful husband Justin Walker Mr. Idaho 2008 in a tragic plane crash. We all love Jackie and will miss her very charismatic husband Justin.

As the Director of the Mrs. Idaho pageant I was once again reminded that the Mrs. Idaho ladies are not only beautiful on the outside but even more beautiful on the inside as they have rallied in support of Jackie and her family and another one of our Mrs. Idaho family members that is battling cancer.

Love to all of you! Mandi ~

Jamie Hilton Mrs. Idaho 2009 Send Off Party

Beautiful setting at Mr. Idaho 2009's parents home for Jamie's send off party to Mrs. America

Legacy of Mrs. Idaho's, Vicki Benson Mrs. Idaho 2001, Mandi Feely Mrs. Idaho 2003, Mrs. Idaho 2005 Juliet Tietjen, Liz Amar Mrs. Idaho 2006, Lauralyn Salinas Mrs. Idaho 2007 and Jamie Hilton Mrs. Idaho 2009

Mrs. Idaho 2009 Jamie Hilton and Mrs. Idaho 2001 Vicki Benson
Mrs. Idaho Jamie sharing her memory table with her guests.
Hostess with the mostess.... Our Mrs. Idaho welcoming guests to her send off party!

Best Buds, Kimberly Mulkey Mrs. Elmore County 2003, Jamie Hilton Mrs. Idaho 2009 and Liz Amar Mrs. Idaho 2006

Our beautiful Mrs. Idaho Jamie Hilton showing her stuff and still beautiful after a long night of hosting her send off party!

Good Friends Lauralyn Mrs. ID 07 and Mandi Mrs. ID 03

Jamie Mrs. Idaho 2009 and Lauralyn Mrs. Idaho 2007
Mr. & Mrs. Idaho 2009 The Hilton's and Mr & Mrs. Idaho 2003 The Feely's

Jamie Mrs. Idaho and Mandi Mrs. Idaho 2003 and State Director
Mrs. Idaho Jamie Hilton with husband Nick and children, Gracesyn, Miguire and Andi

Suzanne Buchanan Mrs. Blaine County 2007, Jamie Hilton Mrs. Idaho 2009, and SuzAnn Ramos Mrs. Gateway City 2008.

Last night was the send off party for Jamie to head off to the Mrs. America Pageant. Jamie leaves on September 1st, Interviews are on September 6th, preliminary competion is September 7th, and the finals are September 8th. Lot of current and former titles were in attendance to with Jamie the best of luck as she proudly represents Idaho at the national Mrs. America Pageant. Jamie was very thankful for the love and support shown by her family, friends and Mrs. Idaho family.

If you would like to send cards or flowers to Jamie she will be staying at the Loews Ventana Canyon Resort in Tucson Arizona. The address is 7000 N. Resort Rd. Tucson, Arizona 85750.

Posted by Mandi Feely Idaho Director

Monday, August 17, 2009

Boys and Girls Club Dolphin Drop and Mrs. Boise 2010 Sondra LaVoie

Sondra LaVoie Mrs. Boise 2010 attended the Boys and Girls Club Dolphin Drop at Roaring Springs in Meridian a fabulous sponsors of the Mrs. Idaho America Pageant. Photos are courtesy of Kimberly Mulkey