Monday, September 21, 2009

Mrs. Idaho America Pageant DVD Party

Susan, Jamie Mrs. Idaho, Mandi and Sher

Susan and Erika Mrs. Meridian 2010

Mrs. Idaho Jamie Hilton and Sondra LaVoie Mrs. Boise 2010
Jamie and Erika

Mandi, Megan Mrs. Boise 2009, Sher, and Susan

Jamie Mrs. Idaho 2009 and Tina Mrs. Western Idaho 2010

Jamie and Deborah Mrs. Eagle 2009

Megan and Erika

Tina and her sweet little boys, visiting with all the ladies.

2009 Mrs. Idaho America Pageant Sisters got together to watch the pageant DVD and welcome Jamie home to celebrate her successful showing at the 2009 Mrs. America Pageant. Mrs. Eagle 2009 Deborah opened her home to all of us and was such a wonderful hostess. A special thank you to John Deb's husband for letting all of the ladies take over their home for the evening.

Posted by Mandi Feely