Friday, April 3, 2009

Sonya Hoadley Mrs. Treasure Valley sent me these cute photos, here is what she had to say:
As I pioneer my way through technology for the Caldwell School District (being the lead teacher to start and utilize a class website to get parents more involved) I can't help but focus on what got me here in the first place... goal-setting. I wanted to find a way to help parents to feel more comfortable coming into the classroom. With much success our district is planning on incorporating classroom websites for all teachers next year.
In celebration, I couldn't help but share my classroom website success with some of the students of the Caldwell School District. We discussed what a goal is, how to choose the right types of goals, and how to follow through with a goal so that you can accomplish it. My classroom website was a great example to demonstrate that goals don't have to be huge, they don't have to be spectacular, they just have to be yours.
I am now writing a grant for the Caldwell School District to bring technology into low income areas. Success starts with a goal and ends with the pursuit.
Posted by Mandi Feely Idaho State Director